Friday, September 14, 2018


This was my first time ever using this program and I have to say I was kind of tripped at a good amount of points in this process. Some of the vocabulary was kind of hard for me including knowing the work space versus the place where you actually start the code. I have to say though once I played around with it I was able to maneuver a lot easier and of course I did have to receive help from one of my classmates on the proper way to set up the code. As for the purpose of this lesson it was to teach me the basics of how to use this program for coding and make my code work. I am happy to say that for the next assignment on here I now am more confident with my abilities.

Monday, September 10, 2018

My dads technology that has affected is life

My dad deals with many different technologies in his life that affect him in many ways. When I asked him which technology has had the greatest impact/ change in his life he said his truck. My dad has always been a big truck fan and he uses his truck everyday to get to work and haul wood in our wood company. He also largely uses it for get around to work and back home everyday. " It is something I use everyday and it has grown to literally be a part of me and without it I would not be able to accomplish everything that I am able to accomplish right now. My only complaint to this point has been that the amount of gasoline the truck takes is very obnoxious. My favorite type of truck that I have ever owned is definitely my Chevy Silverado which was actually very good on gas and was able to pull my boat. Since I will be driving soon and I would like to drive a truck it is helpful that my dad knows a lot about them so he can help me fix and look for a truck to drive.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Computing innovation

A computing innovation that has affected me in my life is email. The email has affected my life in many ways  as it provides a quicker and more efficient way of staying up to date on certain events and plans that people used to have to write letters by hand. This caused for a shorter delivery time of messages and was more time efficient because of this. All that I have to do is get onto a computer and or cellular device to login and check the email. Many people use this method of communication and it makes for easier ways to share pictures, music, and videos or even letters. The largest impact was being able to stay up to date with my school events and talk with my teachers about it.